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- What is this site? -

This is a site about PC games from the DOS and early Windows era.  As those of us in the old Millennial/young Gen X crowd settle into our careers and families, we have the time, money, and inclination to look back at the games we played in our youth with nostalgia.  But just how good were those old games and do they still hold up today?  For this site, I'm going to play PC games from that era and document my playthrough and my thoughts as I go.  This is my first attempt at writing about anything, so this whole process will be a work in progress, but my goal is to focus only on old PC games.  I hope to post about once per week and the posts will roughly be broken down into 3 parts:

  1. Development story - This is the history of the game's development.  If it is a new genre for the site, I will also describe the genre and how the game fits into that genre compared to other games like it of that time.  Basically I want to give a historical context for the game.
  2. Playing the game - This is like a Let's Play using screenshots and GIFs instead of video.  It's self-explanatory.  I'll document my progress through the game and share my thoughts on it.
  3. Review - Here I will sum up my thoughts and give the game a score from 0 to 5 (5 being the best).  I'll talk a little about how it would have been received when it was first released, but mostly I will focus on how it plays today and whether I would recommend it for someone who has never played it.   

I would really like to finish every game I play, but I doubt that is going to happen.  Some games are really long, and some are just terrible.  I'll try to play for at least a few hours to get a good feel for the game.

I am going to try to play games from a wide variety of genres.  I am also looking forward to finding and playing some lesser known games that may be hidden gems or hidden garbage.  My plan is to alternate well known games with the lesser known games.  I will also be playing some games that I've played before and some I haven't. 

As for suggestions: I'll take any and all suggestions!  Like I said above, this is my first attempt at something like this, so I am open to ideas.  Whether it is games to play, my writing style, the site layout, or anything else.

- Why do this now? -

I decided to create this site because I like reading about old PC game development and gameplay, and there aren't many sites out there that cover that kind of stuff.  There are plenty of retro console communities, but there are not many sites that are primarily for retro PC gaming.  Modern sites like PCGamer.com tend to have occasional columns where they cover an old DOS era game or series, but it is never anything consistent.  And while Youtube Let's Plays and retro reviews are great, sometimes I want to read a more in depth story of the game and description of the gameplay.  I did find some great sites that I link to at the end of this page, but after reading through a lot of their content, I wanted more.  So I decided to create my own site and make my own content.  Whether people end up reading this blog or not, I hope I will have fun going back and playing old games from my youth and finding new hidden gems that I may have missed.

The inspiration for this site are many, but primarily it came from sites such as Super Adventures in Gaming and The CRPG Addict.  For more retro PC gaming goodness, check out their sites.  They are fantastic.

- About me -

I am a software developer in my mid 30s living in the Pacific Northwest with my wife and cat.  My computer is not new.  It is an i7 3770k, Radeon 7870, 8gb ram, and a 1TB SSD, so it is perfect for tackling these older games.  I grew up playing mostly DOS games in the late 80s, early 90s, but I also had a GameBoy and Sega Genesis.  So I wasn't exclusively a PC gamer, but pretty close. 

- Links -

Some great sites for DOS gaming.  I am not affiliated with any of these sites or anything, they are just sites I've enjoyed reading and watching and listening to over the years.


The CRPG Addict

Super Adventures in Gaming

Hardcore gaming 101

Just Games Retro

Force for good

MassivelyOP - Game archaeologist

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